About Myrom

Myrom Kahaner; Body Psychotherapy & Coordination Quality Therapy, BACP, CThA

Myrom Kahaner In his early school years, Myrom Kahaner was an overweight, clumsy and uncoordinated child, who could not understand most of the academic work in class. At 13, Myrom joined a karate club, where he worked closely with an instructor to develop his coordination. This had an enormous impact on his learning abilities, and, by the age of 18, Myrom successfully finished his ‘A’ levels. Devoting himself to the martial art of karate, he eventually became a black belt, then qualified and worked as a karate teacher.

At 21, Myrom joined the Elbaum Centre in Israel, which pioneered successful methods of helping people with learning difficulties. There, he trained, and later worked as a therapist, teacher, and trainer.

To deepen his understanding of the emotional burden people with learning difficulties carry, Myrom continued his training at the Reidman Center, where he explored client/therapist relationships.

When he arrived in England, he continued his studies at the Chiron Centre for Body Psychotherapy.

For the last 20 years, both in Israel and the U.K., Myrom has worked successfully with children and adults who struggle with various learning difficulties, using a body orientated method. In recent years, Myrom has integrated Chiron’s approach of Body Psychotherapy into his work ,finding that this method has a beneficial and substantial impact on his clients.

Myrom’s extensive training, coupled with his own childhood experiences of learning difficulties, gives him a mixture of qualities, from which his unique style evolved. His biodynamic approach encourages challenges and enthuses children and adults alike to activate their bodies. In his programme Myrom applies different exercises targeted at maximising coordination ability. Myrom’s passion for body-work led to the development of other exercises, which further help to build up efficient body control.

Over the last 20 years, more than 80% of the people Myrom has worked with have benefited from overcoming their problems. They learned to deepen self belief and improved their self - esteem and confidence.